Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jay Paranich at Alchemy Tattoo Arts

Tomorrow we have the honor of having Jay Paranich tattooing with us. Stop by and book appointments for your traditional Japanese tattoos!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Demon sleeve in progress by Dan Henk

Japanese dragon by Erik Siuda

Erik Siuda sporting some old bling

Peaky Blinders tattoo by Scott Trerrotola

Tattoo by Gina Ilczyszyn

Hourglass tattoo by Dan Henk

Skull tattoo by Dan Henk

Scott Trerrotola tattooing Dan Henk

Paul Tochluk is more metal than you!!!!

Tattoo by Erik Siuda

Frazetta tattoo 2 years healed by Scott Trerrotola

Elephant tattoo by Paul Tochluk

Sunflower tattoo by Gina Ilczyszyn

Sunflower tattoo by Gina Ilczyszyn

Sleeve in progress by Paul Tochluk